Callie + Willis // Nashville, TN Wedding

Its hard to know where to start with such awesome and sweet couples. I know I probably say that a lot but its true, and I have been blessed to get to meet and work with great people and great couples and this was no exception. 

I originally met with Callie and her mom, Donna at The Well coffee shop off of Granny White Pike. If you haven't realized yet, The Well is one of my personal favorite locations for meeting with couples. At the time Callie had just recently canceled the original venue she had for her wedding day and was in between new venues. After meeting with Callie and her mom and arranging the filming of her wedding, I knew that she would choose a great venue that perfectly encompassed who her and Willis were as a couple and portray their love and story accurately. 

They ended up deciding to be married at Green Door Gourmet, a local famers market a little West of Nashville that doubles as a Wedding and Event Venue, and it could no have been a more perfect place.

From the moment I arrived in the morning and went upstairs to where the bridal party was preparing; everyone, from Callie to her mom to all her bridesmaids were gleaming with excitement and laughter and I knew it was going to be an awesome day. 

The day was sunny and bright and although it ended up a tad hot, especially if you were in direct sunlight(it was end of July after all) the day was perfect. The shady trees and groves around the venue cast the perfect shadowy light for capturing this sweet couples overflowing love for each other. 

Their Ceremony was incredibly touching and sweet, and although they had already done a first look earlier in the day, I don't think a single person in the audience will forget the reaction of Willis when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. Truly a touching moment. 

The reception was held in the barn where the ceremony had been held. The soft waning sunlight through the big barn windows in the balcony were perfect for the first dances and the fun that came after. As Callie and Willis made their big exit through the crowd of loving friends and family holding sparklers, I could not think of a more perfect wedding day to compliment a couple then what Willis and Callie just had. Even though I do not know them well, being around them that day and all their closest friends and family I can say their wedding was perfectly "them" in every way and I was honored to be a part of it.

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