Brittany & Josh // Scottsville, KY

I first met Brittany and her mother Micca at Portland Brew off of 12th South over a year before the actual date of her wedding. They had driven down from Kentucky one morning to discuss filming her wedding. I did not know them personally but they had found me through a friend of their's who's wedding I had recently filmed. They were extremely well organized and ahead of the game when it came to wedding planning and had me booked to shoot their wedding by the end of the meeting even thought the date was more than a year out. 

The wedding was in Scottsville, KY where Brittany lived. Thankfully for travel purposes it was only just past the Tennessee border which made for a rather smooth trip there and back the day of. Brittany and her bridal party were getting ready at the house that her and Josh(her fiance) had bought and renovated and were going to be living in after the wedding. It was a beautiful little home full of inspiring messages about love, life and happiness. Lots of windows illuminated the cozy dwelling nicely while Brittany and her party laughed and prepared. I knew just by the vibe there that this was going to be a great day. Brittany, her mom and her bridal party were all very laid back and having a great time enjoying the moments of the day. Even her bridesmaid were great sports at getting dressed up even though they required a little help from Brittany herself. 

The day then took us to a beautiful farm not minutes away from the house which would be the setting for the rest of the day. Lots of open fields rimmed with trees, an old rustic barn and lots of natural light provided a fantastic location to celebrate the love of two people. A gorgeous blue-green pond provided the backdrop for the ceremony as well as the backdrop for the Brittany and Josh's first look. 

While the weather reports had given us hope that the rain would stay away, the blanket of clouds that moved slowly by threatened otherwise. However, the rain would not grace us with its presence until after the ceremony was finished and the crowds had moved under the reception tents for the celebration. Of course, it held off just long enough to snap an awesome photo of the whole bridal party standing on hay bales, which according to my experience with Kentucky weddings is a staple shot! It made for a lot of fun that's for sure!

While the rain softly fell outside the large white tents, the inside filled up with joy and laughter. From first dances, to cake cuttings and heartfelt toasts it was a celebration that truly embraced the love Brittany & Josh shared for each other. I was truly glad to have met Brittany and her mom that one morning at Portland Brew over a year ago to experience and capture her and Josh's story. From the morning of preparation and fun to the heartfelt experiences and moments of the first look and ceremony and the dancing and festivities that followed, discover the love story of Brittany & Josh on their wedding day with their video! They truly belong together.

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