Michaela & Michael // Humboldt, TN

The wedding of Michaela and Michael brought with it a plethora of fun surprises. I never had a chance to meet with Michaela or Michael before the wedding which is not that uncommon of an occurrence if schedules do not align, but I do always prefer to meet the couple before their big day if possible. I had emailed back and forth with Michaela and her Mom multiples times before the day of so I felt well prepared.

The Wedding was to be at Twin Oaks in Humboldt, TN, about a two hour drive from Nashville. So after some travel arrangements were made for staying in Humboldt the night of the wedding, Amy(my wife/assistant) and I headed off west. 

Upon turning into the driveway to Twin Oaks I was immediately blown away by the natural beauty that accompanied the venue. The Venue itself was an old historic white house nestled in between two enormous and history-ridden oak trees that stretched upwards towards the heavens(hence the name "Twin Oaks" in case you were wondering). 

The venue welcomed wedding preparation with a fully equipped bridal suite and a man cave for the groomsmen. I finally got to meet Michaela and Michael as they each got ready in their separate quarters. I knew it was immediately going to be a great day after meeting them. They seemed extremely relaxed for it being the morning of their wedding yet both had a fun and playful vibe surrounding them that I knew would make for a memorable and fun experience. 

The venue continued to draw me in as I explored the old wooden corridors and large windowed rooms and rustic attics that made for great backdrops and lighting for wedding imagery. 

Michaela's dress was absolutely stunning and the soft lighting and wooden rustic overtures from the inside of the historic house provided some great back drops for shots of the dress. One of the more memorable moments of the day came as her mom and sister helped Michaela  don her dress in the soft natural light of one of the windows. Tears and love abounded as the day became more of a reality than just a dream. 

For it being an early June wedding that was being held outside one would think that the heat would definitely factor in as a challenge, but to everyones surprise after some light rain in the morning the day shaped out to be possibly one of the coolest and most comfortable outdoor summer weddings I have ever been apart of. Michaela and Michael held their first look on the path leading up to Twin Oaks, the same path that just a few hours later Michaela would walk down again to be given away by her father in marriage. 

As the sun set the crowds moved from the front porch to the reception tent in the back where the celebration truly started. There was dancing, cake, toasts, laughs and a whole lot of good times.

They drove away into the night as a light rain began to fall  to cap off their special day. Congrats to Michaela & Michael.

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