Amber + Eli // Intimate Backyard Wedding // Nashville, TN

I have always wanted to photograph an intimate backyard wedding. This past June I had the privilege of doing so for a close family and friend I have known almost my entire life in the backyard of a house I have spent countless hours playing around in growing up. To come back here and photograph a wedding in the same yard where my friends and I used to make spoof movies of all the Lord of the Rings was slightly surreal (we called them Lord of the Rock in case you were wondering and yes, they were instant classics). 

Though an outside wedding ceremony in early June can produce some less than ideal situations with possible rain or even extreme heat, this day carried none of that. The area was nice and shaded by all the trees and greenery around and no rain showed up. I loved the floral decorations that were full of sunflowers and roses giving the surrounding greenery some nice bright colors. The ceremony was touching and sweet and after a short flip to add some tables the reception began under the same trees. The evening consisted of lawn games, friends, family and plenty of food and drink. Amazingly the groom cooked and prepared all the food for the reception! Quite an accomplishment. The night ended with the moon beginning to appear, and the desert being presented. It was a perfect day for Amber and Eli to commit their love to each other in front of their closest friends and family. I am honored that I was able to be a part of it! Check out their day below!

Barbara + Darrius // April 8, 2017


Barbara and Darrius were married this past April at the historic Hermitage Hotel in Downtown Nashville.  It was a stunning venue and location for a great couple to commit and celebrate their love to each other 


Barbara and her bridesmaids got ready in the studio at the hotel while Darrius and his groomsmen prepared elsewhere.Everyone met at the elegant Hermitage ballroom where the ceremony was held that afternoon. Beautiful white drapes and flowers lined the borders setting the mood and creating and elegant scene for the commitment of love between Barbara and Darrius.

After the ceremony we all ran outside and around the corner to take pictures in front of  War Memorial. The soft golden glow of the sunset treated us to some beautiful lighting while the ballroom was flipped for the reception.

The rest of the night held a lot of fun and dancing! Barbara and Darrius concluded their night by a grand exit out of the hotel with colorful glow sticks! It was a great day and I was honored to be a small part of it! Congrats to Barbara and Darrius Thompson!

Kristen + Jordan // March 25, 2017

Kristen and Jordan were married March 25, 2017 at the Homestead Manor out in Franklin, TN. Homestead Manor had accommodations for the whole bridal party to prepare on site which was where the day began. Kristen and her bridesmaids prepared in the old school house while Jordan and his groomsmen got dressed on the top floor of the Manor.  Kristen and Jordan each wrote their own vows here which we will get to later. Also, Kristen's flowers and color palet were gorgeous!.

Jordan and Kristen held their first look out front of the Manor in the garden. It rained on and off the entire day which made it a little more challenging for everyone. But it held off at key times for us to have some fun outside. It was awesome seeing the look on Jordan's face as he turned around and saw Kristen for the first time!

The ceremony was supposed to be held outside in front of the pond behind the barn. Everyone crossed their fingers and about 5 minutes before it was supposed to start the rain stopped, and they decided to go for it! Everyone stood, there were no chairs and no ceremony music, but that didn't matter because Jordan and Kristen were able to express their love for each other and become husband and wife in front of their friends and family! They also had some of the most heart felt hand-written vows to each other. The chemistry, friendship and overall love between the, was obvious to anyone watching. They laughed. They cried. They shared some incredibly sweet moments while everyone witnessed! 

The officiant also shared the story of how they originally met which was straight out of a movie. Both were members of separate wedding parties staying at the same hotel in New Orleans when they ran into each other in the hotel lobby. The attraction was apparently instant as Jordan actually ended up changing his flight to a day later to spend more time with Kristen that weekend. The rest is history! Also, since Jordan is from New Orleans the traditional recession is a Second Line, which was a ton of fun! The trumpeters played all the bridal party and the guests into the reception hall where everyone danced the night away.

The reception was held in the barn adjacent to the Manor. While I thought the day overall had been a lot of fun, the reception definitely took it up another level! Everyone danced and had an incredible time and Jordan, being a singer even got up on stage and serenaded the crowd!

Jordan and Kristen's fun-loving energy, personalities shown throughout the day and it was obvious they were meant to be together! Despite the rain's best efforts the fun these two had together on their day was unmatched. Congrats to Kristen and Jordan! Make sure to check out their Wedding Day Film at the top of the page!

Starr + Alan // Long Hunter State Park

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I met with Starr a few weeks before our engagement shoot to discuss their upcoming November wedding at The Bridge Building in Downtown Nashville. With the wedding being in the heart of downtown, Starr had one request for the engagement photos-that they be far away from the city and urban life. She also mentioned she wanted some beautiful lighting. To say our shoot at Long Hunter State Park captured both of these elements would probably be an understatement.  While it took almost a month of rescheduling due to weather, I think it was well worth the wait!

Starr and Alan were naturals in front of the camera and their chemistry together was obvious. Together we danced through wide open fields with the sunset behind us, journeyed down wooded and flooded paths(thanks April showers!) and caught the most magical rays of sunlight. Also, did I mention I stepped in an ant-hill? Small price to pay for the pictures we got. It was an awesome time and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in November!