Abby & Craig // Little Rock, AR

This is probably about the 5th time in a row I have typed, erased, then re-typed this first line. Not because I was trying to find the most elegant way to word the opening of a blog about another wedding but because I literally have no idea where to even begin with Abby & Craig & their amazing Little Rock, Arkansas wedding. So I guess I will begin with where the weekend started, at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Abby & Craig had chosen to have me come to the Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding, which is part of a package I offer, because they were going to have their family, friends and guests give toasts, share memories and wish blessings at the dinner and wanted these captured on video which is a common occurrence at rehearsal dinners. Going into the night I had met Abby & Craig before to originally discuss filming their wedding. I also had some connection with them as Craig & I attended the same high school back in the day and my wife Amy knew Abby really well. Even then, my acquaintance with them was still rather impersonal as I knew of them more than I knew them. The toasts started after dinner beginning with Craig's dad. Over an hour later through tears and laughter they finished. This is really the part I have no words for. The words spoken and the memories shared about Abby & Craig were truly overwhelming. To say they have had a deep impact on many people's lives would be a gross understatement. I knew of Abby & Craig going into their wedding, after the dinner that night though I felt like I had known them for years. Just listening to how they had positively affected the lives of their family & friends around them left a deep imprint on me. To add to the incredible experience of that night the sky gave a remarkable image to witness as the stories were shared and I knew this was going to be a special weekend. 

The wedding was the next day in Downtown Little Rock. After the events of the previous night I was greatly looking forward to the day. Craig & his groomsmen dressed in their hotel suites while Abby & her bridal party prepared right down at the street at a place called Trapnall Hall. Everyone was gleaming with excitement and anticipation for the day to come and moral was high. Trapnall Hall was beautiful with a nice little garden courtyard in the back.

The Bridal Parties then moved to the church which was minutes away via Trolley. A high vaulted ceiling with remarkable stained-glass windows awaited the coming ceremony as well as Abby & Craig's first look which was just as special as you could imagine. Knowing how much love and energy they pour into the relationships & people around them, I knew their own connection was deep and true and this was evident in the very way they looked at each other. 

Directly after everyone witnessed the ceremony it was really time to celebrate! The whole bridal party boarded the Trolley and the fun began! 

The reception was held at the Bill Clinton Presidential Center. While he was not there himself, I am sure if he had been he would have enjoyed himself. The place was absolutely amazing with large windows that looked over the city and the sunset. I doubt Little Rock had ever looked so beautiful as Abby & Craig shared their first dance with the crowds watching the gleam of the setting sun rays filtering through the window. 

Oh, and did I mention in lieu of traditional groom's cake, Craig had probably the most delicious smelling warm donuts of various flavors and toppings.

The dancing, fun and celebration of Abby & Craig's love continued on throughout the night and it was truly remarkable to get to experience it. Cake was cut. Donuts were served and oh! was there dancing! We somehow managed to sneak away and snag some incredible sunset shots with Abby & Craig!

As their family & friends lined up outside the building waving ribbon wands for the grand exit, I could not help but be in awe of the day I was so blessed to witness and capture. I felt like I had truly experienced something special not just in terms of events but in true love and relationship. Much congrats to Abby & Craig and the life they have begun together!

Check out the amazing story of their day below!