Caleb Clayton // Film + Photo

With a focus on storytelling, Caleb is a filmmaker and a photographer eager to capture and tell your story.

From Weddings and Events to Families and Lifestyles, the stories Caleb creates can be relived for 

years to come. 

Check out his work below.


Specializing in Weddings, through creative filmmaking and cinematic editing, Caleb captures your moments and emotions and creates captivating narratives that transcend time .

Voted "Best of" The Knot 2 years in a row! 2017 & 2018!



From Weddings, to Events, to Families and Lifestyles, Caleb's photography is personal, emotional, moody, and real, capturing moments and editing them into timeless stories and vintage art. 


I've been blessed over the years with the opportunity to work with amazing people and couples. It makes capturing their love and their story real and captivating. Hear from some of the great people I've worked with over the years about their experience!


Alex+Shane // June 27, 2015

I can't say enough kind words about Caleb Clayton Films. When it came time to find someone to capture our wedding day through video, I knew without hesitation that Caleb was the guy for the job. He was so responsive throughout the entire process from beginning to end. He wasn't pushy about different packages, etc. He wanted our day to be just that, our day. He was there from the getting ready process to the sparkler exit from the reception. But the thing is, you wouldn't have ever noticed he was there. He captured the whole event in such a pure and simple way, to where he wasn't noticeable. When we received our video, I played it over and over and over that day and still do. I cried so many happy tears remembering every single memory from our special day. He captured my husband and I's love so perfectly, but he also captured my family and friends as well. He told a beautiful story through video that will forever be one of our most cherished possessions. If I can say anything to make you convinced he is the one to capture your day, it's that Caleb is a professional. He is meant for this business and this role. I am so honored that he was a part of our wedding day and I hope you'll choose to have him be a part of yours as well!

Abby+Craig// June 25, 2016

Our experience with Caleb could not have been more perfect! He captured every special detail of our wedding day and made us feel so comfortable during the entire process. His attention to detail is second to none. His professionalism from the very first meeting to sending us the finished film put us at ease. We were so thankful for his willingness to travel almost 6 hours for our wedding! Would absolutely recommend Caleb to anyone looking for a videographer!

Ashley+Doug // September 4, 2016

We are so happy with our decision to hire Caleb to capture our wedding day. He did an amazing job putting together a beautiful video for us. The video really captures the essence of the entire day. We did not get to meet with Caleb face to face prior to our wedding day, but we had complete trust in him based on seeing his work and he definitely did not leave us disappointed. He was very kind and blended right in, many guests commented on how they barely even noticed he was there. I cannot express how happy we are with the video we received from him, I continue to watch it over and over again every day. My friends and family members cried watching because Caleb did a great job catching the emotions of the day, everyone loved the video. I have to say that making the decision to have Caleb as a part of our wedding day is truly one of the best decisions we made.

Amanda+Thomas // June 14, 2014


At the beginning of our planning process, I didn't think that we needed a videographer. I loved our photographer and wanted to spend the money on excellent photography rather than video. When we ended up using Caleb Clayton Films, I realized that I was totally wrong! That video is the sweetest capture of our day. He caught incredible moments and put them together seamlessly. Our families and friends cherish that video because he captured so well the JOY we felt that day. I didn't give much direction to Caleb and his team, but he took the reigns to create an excellent, bright, beautiful film (with great music) that will forever make me smile and cry! I completely recommend Caleb Clayton Films. They were easy, professional, fun and blew me away with their product!